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If there is a better way to advertise your business, we haven’t heard of it.

Advertise in your local community using a more affordable, greener solution like you have never seen before.

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About Chargabull

Outdoor advertising redefined.

Chargabull’s EV Media Chargers are strategically located in locations that local people already know and use, giving local businesses the opportunity to engage with their core consumers at lighting speed.

Our network across the UK and Ireland deliver eye-catching on demand advertising that is affordable, reliable and most importantly relevant to your business through the power of programmatic advertising.

Furthermore, as your advertising is delivered via our stylish 55" inch advertising screens, you are helping the local community benefit from affordable electric vehicle charging - making you part of the Chargabull Green mission.

It really is time to Electrify Your Audience.

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Your Audience

Target & Engage without the guesswork.

We are pretty sure that you know your local audience - but we want to help you target your niche.

Whether you're a coffee shop targeting the commuter rush or a local estate agent who wants to advertise the hottest new home, our data metrics will help you decide exactly what advert to deploy when and where.

Chargabull even gives you the ability to easily set custom adverts based on days, times and even weather.

Make informed decisions based on the following;

  • Local Area Income
  • Local Index of Multiple Deprivation
  • Local Transport Links
  • Local Population
  • Nearby Properties
  • Nearby Businesses

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On-demand advertising

Billboards are boring and expensive.

DOOH advertising is not just for the large corporations - Chargabull is here to break the mould and give local businesses the ability to really engage with customers.

From as little as £20 per day, with huge discounts on bulk orders, you can have an on-demand advert that you can change in real time - we are talking about 100% control from our Chargabull Advertising Platform.

Let’s level up the playing field by showing specific adverts for specific dates, times of day, on-demand QR codes and even weather.

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Advertising Specs

Beautiful hardware, Cutting-edge software.

Advertising Specifications

Screen Dimensions (HxW)
1920px x 1080px
Support formats
PNG, MP4 (Sound removed)
Media type
On-demand Digital
Max duration
15 seconds
Max file size
72 dpi

We recommend the following templates to design your adverts;

Hardware Specifications

IP54 Protection
Protected from water spray from any direction - built for the toughest environments
Galvanised Steel
Protected with an anti-rust zinc coating. Making it ideal for UK weather
2 x 22kw charging sockets
The fastest available chargers without the need for expensive infrastructure
55” LCD screen
Ideal for delivering the highest quality on-demand content
Adaptive light technology
Our screen actively responds to changing environmental conditions
4/5G content delivery
Allowing delivery of fast, un-disruptive content. WiFi is also available
Dual cooling fan
Intelligent cooling to keep running costs low
Secure payments via Monta
Monta is one of the fastest-growing charging platforms in Europe

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